Haptic Field Summer 2017

Presentations this summer will include the Wiener Festwochen, the Munich Muffatwerk, and the Berliner Festspiele.

SAT Symposium IX

An invited presentation at the SAT Symposium IX in which I discuss the Vibropixels and the use of tactile displays for the creation of social interactions.

Haptic Field

An immersive art installation featuring the Vibropixels.

The Vibropixels

Wearable, modular tactile display for immersive art installations.

The Prosthetic Instruments

Digital musical instruments designed as hypothetical prostheses, and worn by dancers in interactive music performances.

The Ilinx Garment

An interactive artwork featuring a full-body vibrotactile garment.

The Pearl

The Pearl is a multi-modal interface for artistic performance incorporating embedded lighting, sensors, and wireless communications.


Ilinx is a performative environment for the general public which provokes an intense bodily experience that blurs the senses of sight, sound and touch. In the environment, a group of four visitors at a time wear the Ilinx garment, specially designed garments which are outfitted with thirty vibrotactile actuators. In addition, they wear a helmet […]